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Conscious Creation the Feminine Way: 
The New Success Model for Women!

Join Us September 12-19! 

Join Us September 12-19! 

Discover the components of conscious creation, laid out in practical terms, but apply them like a woman. 
Men build. 
What’s the difference? 

The experience!

 Join the Free 5 day Workshop!

Workshop Dates: September 12-19th

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Find relief and rediscover what turns you back on as we explore:

Empowering yourself in feminine energy
The soul of money: tapping into your limitless prosperity
Falling in love with life no matter what’s going on
Overcoming the stressful emotions you’re addicted to
Get out of DOING, get into BEING, so the doing is so much easier

Do you find yourself thinking…

Man, I’m so tired of crushing it all the time.

Is all this hustle even worth it?

I’m determined to reach all my goals, but is there a better way to get there?

When does it get to be my turn?

I should be farther along than I am

Why do I feel empty even when I reach my goals?

There’s got to be an easier way to do this

Can I get what want even if I’m not perfect at it?

If so, this online workshop was literally designed for you!

You know how to bust it out like a lady boss!

You’ve been told to “crush” it and “kill” it and “grind it out.” And you’re a machine! 

But you WANT to be a WOMAN. 

A woman who has mastered conscious creation and lives life on HER terms, with time to relax and enjoy her results, because she knows what her part in the creation process is and more importantly, what her part isn’t. 

A woman who finally allows herself to enjoy every part of the journey, because she’s no longer addicted to the drama of her past. 

Let’s spend a few days together getting addicted to your glorious future, using the components of conscious creation in practical, feminine ways.

Because it is your turn! 

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