The Prosperity Bundle: 

Your go-to resource for staying on track and even launching  past doubt, uncertainty and fear. 



I've put together 3 incredible resources to help you DISSOLVE  any...
  • Mind chatter that catastrophes EVERYTHING
  • Spinning in confusion and second guessing
  • Doubt and the exhaustion of "what if"
  • ​Fear and uncertainty that paralyzes you from making any decisions

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 Have you found yourself thinking lately something along the lines of…
Stop the ride! I wanna get off!
All this turmoil, rage, doomsday business is NOT what you signed up for in 2020, right? 
Is it possible to stop THAT ride? Even when things feel so uncertain? 
Allow me a bold and certain YESSSS!!!! I’ll even show you how to do it. 

Here's what you'll get inside your valuable Prosperity bundle...

52 Ways to Release Fear & Money Blocks to Create Success Without Struggle

52 simple, fun techniques and games you can play dissolve fear and money blocks so you can create Success Without Struggle every day!

A downloadable version of Allyson's best-selling book, The Prosperity Approach 

Learn how to create the foundation on which you build prosperity, complete with techniques and exercises to increase your own level of prosperity, and an in-depth look at the 21 Universal laws that govern prosperity and creation!

FREE training:
 ~Prosperity Rules! The "how to" of Transformation~

Learn the simple, practical rules to redesign your reality. Get out of your own way, untangle from "how," and LOVE your life as you go by harnessing the power of your mind, and start playing the game to win, instead of playing it not to lose. 

Let me take you off the horrible, broken ride of fear, doubt and scarcity, and buckle you into the safe and exhilarating ride of certainty, prosperity and success WITHOUT struggle!

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